​NY Indian Dance Co Kathak Definitions By Pia Majumdar

Kathak is divided into two Aspects Nritya and Natya 
Nritya emphasizes on technical Aspects and Natya on Facial Expressions or "Bhav".TAAL: The 16 cycle “Teentaal1 “Kathak derived from the Sanskrit word katha. The first and last matra is known as SAM. The beginning of the dance is an entry , followed by Thaat ,Aamad,Tukda,Toda,Chakradhar tukda, Ladi.

Thaat - means Andaaz or the Style of Standing in various poses.Aamad :Performed at the beginning of the dance uses words like “Thei Ta Thei Tat tat thei , thei Aa thei tat tat thei……………..
Toda : Tao thunga takite thunga,takite dhigite taka tho, takite dhigete daga daga thunga ta thunga ta, taka dige ta thunga dige taka dadige ,dada ghene thei thei thei.

Tukda : Is a technical piece in kathak of 16 matras or numbers. When the tukda is repeated three times it is called Chakradhar tukra like

Chakradhar tukda : Thei thei thei ta thei ta thei ta thei, tat thei tat thei ,tatii ,the thei,thei tat tat thei thei tat tat ta
{Repeat 3 times } .......................

Paran OR Parmelu : Is a Bol of tabla and pakhawaj {Dha taka thunga dhage dhige tad ha dhin ta dhet ta kit dha taka thunga ta kite taka, tit e kata gadi ghene takite kit takite, kata gadi ghene dhan dhan dha, gadi ghene tan tan tan , dhan tan dha. }Repeat three times and come to SAM.

Ladi : Takite takite ghene, takite takite ghene – 8 times,
 takite takite,ghene ghene -4 times
 takite takite ghene ghene takite takite – 4times
 takite takite ghene ghene takite takite ghene
Natya / Bhav or Dance Drama -
The language of thumri in kathak is called "Braj" and was used by great Artistes like Kalka Prasad Ji and Bin Da Din Maharaj. A famous thumri - "Kahe Rokt Dagar Pyare Nand Lal Mero",nit hi karat jhagra mujhse, panghat nahi jane deta hi.Dungi duhai ab hi jakar nand ji ke dere..............Kaho Krishna ko jane ne paye ,injhe Aaj hum nari sajawe, nath we sar sir choti gundhawe, nad kahe adbhut chavi lage, kahe Rokt Dagar Pyare Nand Lal Mero....................Kahe !

The detailed description shows how Krishna decorates himself with ornaments and Radha addressing him depicts the theme of the Krishna Radha "cher char " a popular theme in kathak dance.

Another very famous aspect is 
            ​Natya : Is greatly popular in the kathak Dance Form. A piece Avadh Shyam describes Lord Krishna       decorating himself 
and Radha in the form of Gatnikas or Gat Bhav. Gat is slow movemet with hand gestures.Gatbhav is shown by 
Art And The Artiste 

Dance forms whether classical or contemporary depict a synchronization ,subtlety and beauty which are hallmark of an indian classical dancer.Art profoundly is an profoundly emphatic expression of life.The artist who is the centrifugal force of any piece of art reveals his aesthetic beauty intuitive knowledge is an abundance of wealth and talent which is good gifted.
the artiste submerges himself in the depths of art and reaches out to another world of imagination combined with emotions and feelings which may appear ambiguous or absurd.Art and artiste intricately combine and juxtapose to form a flow of thoughts and emotions.

Pia Majumdar said "Art is an ebullient whole which portrays Emotions like love,happiness,Joy Hatred,Anger,Suffering,Sepearation and Pathos. In most Dance Dramas these emotions are depicted.Kathak Dance exuberates a wealth of expressions that are broad and comprehensive and it embodies a wealth of nuances.The Artiste enacting the role on stagehas to be focussed on evry emotional aspect otherwise the significance of the piece is lost. 


TAAL or measurement of time is rhythm of Dance.Its starting and finishing point is known as "SAMA".The classification of Taal "Dossri or Teesri","Taali and Khaali".The distance or measurement of time can be denoted as a cycle is completed before arriving to the 'SAMA'.The various taals in Kathak is 'Teentaal also referred to as 'Tritaal' or 16 matras.Taal or Chand determines various Taals like 'Rupak' (7 matras),Jhaptaal (10 matras) and 'Dhamaar"(14 matras) are the basics of Kathak dance and are complete dance cycles performed with the measurement of time.As a senior Artiste in Padatik Dance Institute I mastered these Taals.


Aspects -Thaat, Aamad,Toda,Tukras,Chakradhar -Tukras or tatkar etc are presented chronologically forming a synchronizing pattern of thought and movement which flows with the dancers body movements


The unparalled and rhythmic sound of ghunghroo.Each and evry syllable produced on tabla or pakhwaj is resounded with ghunghroosby the kathak dancers.


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